Romantic Piano CDs / Music

- Notes -

Playing Time: 65:37 - AAD Stereo

Piano: Petrof grand

Recording and mixing was done straight onto tape (AA) which was then digitally mastered (D).  As I understand it, this process (AAD) contributed to the warm sound of this CD.

For Let's Be Romantic! - 14 Love Songs, I selected fourteen classic love songs that say 'I love you', that would express the hearts of those giving it to/sharing it with their loves, and that would be enjoyable to listen to in general.  But why these particular classic love songs?  Well, I did try out (improvise a bit on) a few other classic love songs as well, but when I tried out the songs that comprise Let's Be Romantic! - 14 Love Songs, when I began to scribble down what would eventually become my arrangements of them, I strongly felt that I could do something really special with them.  Throughout the months-long process of selecting and arranging these fourteen love songs, my desire was to create an extremely romantic, as well as easy listening, piano music CD, one that would be the sum of, and reflect, all the lovely and passionate inspiration that went into it.  I hope that the sound-clips and reviews that I've provided and posted will bear witness that my efforts were not in vain.

Arranging and recording these beautiful, romantic love songs was, for me, a labour of love.  I'm very pleased to be able to offer and share its fruition, Let's Be Romantic! - 14 Love Songs, to and with fellow romantics!

For more, please see Kathy Parsons' Review.

Gordon Murray